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Rolling Hills Construction was founded in 2015 by Stephan Acevedo and Zach McDaniel. After working together in EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal – at Fort Riley, the pair began a side gig where they put in fences and took on other small jobs. Both had backgrounds as a construction contractor and found they had a knack for tackling problems together. The pair agreed – it was like the scene in Step Brothers where they instantly became best friends – they clicked, and for it, their productivity flourished.

After a few years of part-time work under their original name, 2 Guys Construction, the pair took their business full time in 2017 as Rolling Hills Construction.  Ever since, the company has been serving the area with high-quality construction services to the greater Junction City Kansas area.

construction contractor

Team Background

Transitioning to Construction

For former military professionals, it was a transition that just made sense. In EOD the pair were charged with being subject matter experts on numerous technical tasks, and being a construction contractor is no different. Stephan and Zach solve problems by gathering information and putting it into action with structurally sound, detailed projects. No room for errors, just solid results. 

The team says, “Our mindset is wanting to see something different and finding new challenges. If the last people said, ‘It can’t be done,’ we come in and find the solution. It’s never that it can’t be done, it’s a matter of time and money and what’s worth it for the desired outcome.”

With a team of college-educated, multi-faceted problem solvers, Rolling Hills Construction is here to kick things off for you. We’re trained to find a solution. With a military background, we find a way to make it work, even when others might’ve given up. We find creative, safe ways to make your vision a reality. 

construction contractor

Why Hire

Rolling Hills Construction?

At Rolling Hills Construction, we are  proud to be a locally veteran owned and operated business in North Central Kansas. We love where we live, and we want you to love your space too. 

It’s our experience, our perfectionism, and how we strive to find better solutions for each project that makes us a trusted source for construction contractor projects in the Junction City, Kansas area and beyond. Rolling Hills Construction is fully licensed and insured. 

Learn more by taking a look at past projects. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more from our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, up to three stories high.
We like a challenge! We enjoy projects that are different and out-of-the-box.
Since 2015 — we began as 2 Guys Construction, then re-branded at Rolling Hills Construction in 2016 to better reflect our business goals.

In general, we travel an hour away from Junction City, which includes Manhattan, Chapman, Riley, Abilene, and Milford. If you are further away and would like to hire RHC, give us a call to discuss project details.

Yes, RHC is licensed in the state of Kansas as a General Contractor and as a Roofing Contractor. We maintain a general liability policy in accordance with state requirements.

Yes, RHC is licensed and insured in the state of Kansas as a roofing contractor.

How To

Get Started

Ready to move forward with a project of your own? Contact us today to learn more. We’ll get back with you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your next construction project — remodels, builds, and repairs for residential and commercial locations.

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Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Learn more about who works behind the scenes at RHC by reading our team bios below.

We are proud to be a veteran owned and operated local construction contractor business in North Central Kansas. We value our professionalism, as well as individual education, and believe that putting our training and past experiences together makes us a stronger, more effective team. It’s an effort that helps us help you!

Stephan Acevedo

Stephan served four years in the United States Army beginning in July of 2013 as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal ( EOD) Technician. After the military he acquired a Bachelors of Science in Public Safety and Emergency Management from Grand Canyon University. Stephan enjoys finding creative solutions to challenging problems.


Zach served ten years in the United States Army beginning Aug of 2010 as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician. He is extremely detail oriented and enjoys challenging jobs. Zach’s hobbies include fine woodworking, hunting and dirt bikes.

Samantha McDaniel

Operations Manager
Samantha served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve from 2010-2018 as a Knowledge Operations Manager. She entered the industry on a whim to explore her passion for interior design. She has 3 years of administrative and design experience in residential construction.


Office Manager
Kim is a native of New Hampshire and served over sixteen years in the U.S Army as an Allied Trades Technician. During her years of service , she attended Trident University with a concentration in accounting. She has over four years of customer service experience and enjoys learning new skills

Austin Jinks

Austin entered the Army in 2001 and retired after serving 20 years as an Explosive Ordnance Technician. He entered the trades immediately after exiting the Army and enjoys problem solving and working with his hands. Austin has an affinity for learning new skills and providing the best customer service possible.

Tony Hull

Tony served six years in the United States Army as an Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technician. After the military, Tony attended Washburn Institute of Technology to complete his education in Electrical Technology. Tony has a passion for learning new skills and helping customers bring their vision to life.--


Carpenter Apprentice
Cody Enlisted in the US Army as a Military police officer in 2011 and served 5 years at Fort Riley. After Cody went to Manhattan Area Technical College and received a certificate for welding. Cody is currently enrolled at University of Phoenix for a Masters in Business Administration. He is ready to learn all he can and strives to turn customers dreams into reality.

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